Saturday, December 27, 2008

My heart is back

I dont think people truely understand the friendship that Andrea and I have. We have been friends since High School. She got me my first job. She introduced me to Nelson as well as some of my closest friends. She was there for me when I had no place to go, and she and her mom were there when my mom died. We have had so many fights and even didnt talk for almost a year, but we migrate back to eachother. So when I say Im extremely excited that my heart is back in Richmond, I mean it. Though she may only be here for a day, its enough for me.

Andrea I love you. Your the sister I wish my sisters were. Your my heart.

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  1. oh connie, my eyes watered when i read what you wrote. i love you so much. i'm bummed we didn't get to see each other for too long but i love you and you know i'm always here for you no matter where we are. like i said before, you're stuck with me! xoxoxo


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