Sunday, January 11, 2009


My dear friend Heather set this up for Nelson. Thank you so much honey, your amazing and thanks everyone for being so concerned for him.

with a sudden case of gall-pancreatitis - put nelson in the hospital in urgent need for surgery. leaving nelson and connie in financial hardships as they are undertaking an insurance lapse, giving them one more month to wait to be covered. and with all the economic struggle we are all going through right now, any little bit does help.
thank you!


  1. what a sweet and selfless gesture!
    all that matters is that Nels is much better now.Bee & I will most def. contribute!


  2. try this link instead,

    the one i gave you is a bit tricky at times.. sowwee..

    again, i love you and get used to it doll face, cuz i aint going nowheres.


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