Thursday, January 8, 2009


So 2009 hasn't started so great. Tuesday, Dec.30, I got a call from Nelson saying he was feeling really sick and in a lot of pain so when as soon as i got off work, I took him to Patient First. After they checked him out, they suggested we go to the emergency room. After going to MCV and getting shit from some rude registration lady, I took him to St. Mary's, where we found out that she had gall-pancreatitis. i wont get into details but it was pretty bad. His liver and pancreas were failing and he needed surgery asap. So we rang in the New Years in the hospital, and got surgery the following day. He was out by Sunday, but he is still in a lot of pain and still recovering from surgery. I highly recommend St. Mary's if you live in the Richmond area. I have always hated MCV because of they way my mother was cared for there. I am also a little peeved about how one of his friends reacted to the news that Nelson was in the hospital. The friend was having a party new years eve that we were supposed to attend and we could not make it obviously because Nelson was so sick that he had to be hospitalized for almost a week. So I texted his friend saying "we cant make the party, nelson is in the hospital and needs surgery asap." You would think the friend would be alarmed by this news and wonder if he is ok. Which is how everyone else we knew reacted. But no, this supposed friend just replied, " WORD, cool".
WORD, COOL??? Are you serious? What a good friend. Fuck that, I'm sorry, but it hurt.

On a good note, a lot of people were supportive and helped me a lot with Nelson, so for them, thank you. It meant the world to me. And even though i just started working at World of Mirth, the girls have been amazing and understanding and i love them to pieces. And I got to talk to Nelsons dad for the 1st time ever in the 8 years I've known Nelson.

More later, thanks for reading

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  1. i'm so glad the ladies were there in this time... i knew they would love you and they rule at understanding and loving. i miss you boo and i'm always here for you... even if i'm not there in the flesh.


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